I'm a Christian, so I sometimes encounter spirits from heaven.

The spirit that came from heaven has a whitish overall appearance and a vague impression.

Even though it is whitish and hazy, it does not look like a ball of light, mist, or fog. It's not even about wearing white clothes.

Some people show up in the casual clothes they wore at the time, while others wear the uniforms they wore when they were alive, so you can easily tell who they are. Appears in the form of a bygone day.

Spirits that come from heaven differ from spirits that remain (retained) in the spirit world in that they do not convey the atmosphere and images of the time they died.

The third heaven is like the scenery you see in the real world. The sea, rivers, trees, and buildings are brightly colored and not vague.

The boundaries and shapes are clear, and the people you see there are not whitish.

It's like watching a movie or a photo, and it's no different from what you see under the natural light of the sun during the day.

There is no hustle and bustle, and you don't feel like there are many people living nearby.

It didn't feel like time was passing in the landscape, like early Sunday morning. (Maybe it was early in the morning over there when I saw it.)

Photo by valerie-elash on Unsplash