Demons that have a negative impact on the human world. Appears dark and gray, may be deformed.

The spirits of hell, which never go to heaven, possess humans and bring them misfortune, or repeatedly try to make the living walk the path of falling into hell with them. Even though they look like humans, they can be hellish spirits.

Evil spirits are always observing the hearts of the living, such as their self-centered arrogance and refusal to acknowledge their sins. They are always looking to use or take advantage of them for their own purposes. This is because they want to increase the number of people who will go to hell with them. It is well known that the devil is desperate because he has no choice.

There are also those who want to keep society as a whole in a state of unrest, who thwart God's plans, and who consider themselves devils but hide them. This is because they think they won't be found out if they hide it, but if you are a medium or psychic, you should carefully check each person on the premise that spirits are lying.

One must be able to distinguish between spirits, but a Satanist is one who cannot distinguish between spirits. Their questions are shallow and short-lived. They also lack the power of observation.

Spirits belonging to hell are excessively fixated on heaven in the spirit world. This is because he is a devil who has no time left for himself. Since their destruction is decided, they dream of an "eternal" thousand-year kingdom.

It cannot be repeated over and over again that the hellish spirits in the spirit world only project themselves onto their targets. Living people, like the dead, possess others in this way. These Illuminati cannot distinguish between things and do not want to differentiate between "you" and "me."

Even if you haven't observed the devil in the spirit world, the devil is written about in the Bible. Even though hundreds of years have passed, they remain the same as in a picture. When I read the Bible for the first time, I was surprised to see how the demons in the spirit world, which I always observe, were described exactly as they were.

From there I learned that race and era are irrelevant when talking about the devil.