'Be careful, word magician'

Now that the classification has been declassified, it is also necessary to explain the facts and history of torturing extraterrestrial life forms.However, like the assassination of a secret agent, cover-ups are common even after 100 years.

I heard from the spirit world that "Beppanbu" all over the world have already created artificial grays through genetic manipulation. People who cannot be saved need something like a meaningless "sacrifice of souls." Idiots keep thinking things that seem like second nature. I'm sure life is all about killing time.

The spirits of hell are making a fuss in the spirit world, calling for ``bring a UFO to Japan.'' Agents instruct their minor biological children to torture agents, and in order to escape personal retribution, they substitute the torture of unsuspecting citizens or extraterrestrials. An intelligence officer seems to be trying to avoid responsibility by instructing his minor biological son to torture intelligence agents from other countries, but the family is driven to commit suicide.

Intelligence agencies protect their own interests, not those of other countries. In other words, responsibility cannot be avoided and retaliation will definitely be incurred.

So, what was the purpose of this work? It's just an act of destruction. In modern times, Asians are conducting marriage operations against white nations. It is the hellish spirits of Japan and Asia that are proclaiming every day in the spirit world that they intend to take over Britain someday.

The target is the partner country's intellectual property, land, and other assets. I'm surprised that such a thing is legitimate intelligence activity. Isn't this the same as the shameless Chinese Communist Party, which just steals from Japan?

And this time, while saying that it's for the sake of all Earthlings coming together, they're launching a tacit propaganda campaign to torture extraterrestrials. Totalitarians intend to hide behind the frame of "Earthlings".

They probably shoot down UFOs because they want to cover up their past crimes, and I'm sure this will happen more frequently in the future. Sightings of idiots in Japan shooting laser guns into the air with impunity have been documented online in the past. Even news about humanity is not reported properly, but on Earth, news of a UFO crashing due to an accident will be taken with a grain of salt. Of course all the extraterrestrials are angry.

I have also been in contact with various extraterrestrial beings in the spirit world. For example, spirits of aliens who could not be born due to premature birth or miscarriage, and spirits of aliens who died in accidents also appear. There are also alien spirits who complain about the damage caused by genetic manipulation.

If I had to describe my impressions of meeting them in the spirit world in one word, it would be that they were on a whole other level of ``extremely cute.''
She's so cute that I almost forget that she's highly intelligent.
In the future, as we witness them and come into contact with their personalities on a different level from Earthlings, there will no doubt be some humans who will think that there is a need for dedicated protection agencies, shelters, and media outlets. I hope that in the future, children who are half Earthlings and half aliens will be given jobs in space above the Earth.