Communication among intelligent beings is usually telepathic, but humans are different. I am human, so I contact others by phone or email.

On the other hand, I receive calls directly from the spirits of deceased children of extraterrestrials who want to contact their mother. The spirits of extraterrestrials of the same species appear immediately, so I'm sure that their mother is listening somewhere in the universe.

I don't know about other contactees, but even when I communicate with beings from another world as a medium, I confirm each and every thing with words. I always do this whether the other person is human or alien. Since 80 to 90 percent of beings lie, it is also to distinguish who is not lying. There are always people who skip over the middle of the conversation, and it is only after confirming the person's wishes through verbal exchange that we can understand their position in life and the circumstances at the time of death.

However, it is the totalitarians who "don't want anyone to be left behind" who dream of a mysterious world where we can communicate telepathically even without silence. It is very dangerous to listen seriously to their claims that seem to be a string of keywords.

Recently, from observing the spirit world, I have come to recognize two types of grays: half-grays and white-grays. As I wrote before, the white-grays in the spirit world are very fond of some of the Western intelligence agents in the spirit world as comrades.

I also found out that the half-type, a hybrid of human and human, who appeared before me later, has a desire to exterminate the white grays who appeared earlier. The later type may be the spirit of a deceased gray born through artificial genetic manipulation, and may have been raised by humans as a "superior species" during their lifetime. This is to allow the grays born through artificial genetic manipulation to claim, from their position as hybrids, that "UFO technology belongs to everyone, it was originally created by humans."

Even in the spirit world, some of the hybrids with humans who perform disruptive operations have been killed by the humans who created them. They were probably raised by those who created them as a "superior species," but they are convenient beings who are considered inferior to humans.

They may want to position them as replacements for the spies of humanity who are treated badly, tortured and killed, but they are just a convenient presence that "someone" can use to avoid responsibility.

They may claim to be cutting-edge UFO technology, but it is nothing more than a comfort to the hearts of inferior humanity. Observing the spirit world full of hellish spirits is inseparable from observing "inferiority complexes".

Why do old "harmful" humans, who have no desire to solve problems and believe that sacrifices must be made, force extraterrestrials, themselves and others to make sacrifices even if it means doing so?

When observing the spirit world, there are many humans who, in their bad taste, take comfort in the fact that they are the superior species because they control extraterrestrials, when they see the young grays that are genetically manipulated and born. They don't think straight, but they are always swayed by their emotions and moods, making the situation even worse.

I have heard from the grays in the spirit world that there is no genetic connection between the gray race and humanity. However, the opposite propaganda is always being spread in the world, which is confusing.

I have heard from the spirit world that some investors in genetic research and related companies worship the Grey race, i.e. extraterrestrial aliens, not Jesus Christ. I had no idea until recently that this was done to abuse extraterrestrials and proclaim themselves Gods, and was directly connected to the establishment of an insolent throne. I had no interest in it.

In summary, people on Earth who claim that there is a genetic connection between the intelligent Grey race and Earth's human race are people who are involved in genetic manipulation or who want to support it.

The spirit world, where 90% of the spirits are not those who have something to complain about, but those who have something to hide, is a place where the real world is projected as it is. The hellish spirits of humanity who want to hide what happened in life and fight even after death are also a nuisance to the extraterrestrial spirits who were forcibly created.