Electric UMA Road Photo by UMAs (Is Dumbo an UMA?)

'The answer is yes.' - From a collection of unknown quotes from Sister Grey

It seems that ETs also love some Earthlings, and hate others (like Beppambu).

You may not have noticed, but they are visiting the people they love one after another.

I didn't know that until I realized I was a medium.

'E.T. is always watching,' they say.

Aliens don't have a masochistic view of history, but humans do.

In Japan, people often talk about the Japanese Constitution that was "imposed" on us by the United States. Some lawyers in Japan are constantly dissatisfied with Japan's left-wi*g legal profession.

Even if the country's unique constitution is taken away, it should still be possible to think things through, but it has become clear that this is not possible. In other words, before the law, logical thinking should come first…

This may be the result of a social experiment to destroy Japan by the United States and the Chinese Communist Party, but it is well orchestrated. Since they cannot do this in the first place, they have been destroyed and cannot be rebuilt.

It seems that they are also unable to think from a personal perspective that blaming other countries for being unable to rebuild because they have been destroyed is a mistake.

Since ancient times, philosophy has not necessarily been recognized as a required education in Japan, so some people criticize themselves as a "country without philosophy."

Now, when it comes to modern people, there is no sense of shame in going to law school and thinking that they can do something by using legal terms, and they are not aware that they are feeling ashamed.

The reason they are unable to think about such things is because they are so arrogant. In other words, they are psychologically lenient with themselves and are not independent, so they cannot admit that they are not worthy. And they take out their frustrations on others who are not involved.

People with very childish and immature personalities cannot have subjectivity or objectivity, so it is not surprising that they become traitors to their country when they are involved with the country. The reason is that they are always preoccupied with their own emotional wounds, as written in psychology books.

They should be thinking about it without someone pointing it out to them, but instead, they use the power of numbers to avoid responsibility and continue to publicly and widely divert the focus of the problem.

In the end, they just call them "sacrificialists" and sit back and relax. Humans-chan is a problematic race that bullies E.T., but it makes sense that they are "criminal souls" according to E.T.'s explanation.

E.T.Children look like they can pull off any outfit.

And this is our master working at the Midnight Bar.
You may not believe it, but I've currently encountered extraterrestrials, yetis, gorillas, and Chupacabras.