Japanese lion dance. The roots of lion dance are said to be in ancient India.

In the middle of the night, I heard a slow, rhythmic low sound (perhaps a vibration) coming from nowhere. When I checked with a nearby spirit, it said that the spirit could hear it too. When I asked, 'What is that sound?', no one answered. Since no one could clearly confirm it, I also kept quiet. Later that day, the demon also came, and the rapping sound was terrible.

Now, this is unrelated to the above, but recently I have been having conversations with the E.T. Children who passed away unfortunately on Earth. The next morning, I prayed to an angel for them, and although I couldn't see him, I felt the angel come down and heal them. The E.T. Children recognized it for the first time, and I felt myself being healed at the same time.

However, we must be able to distinguish between the spirits of the antichrist and fallen angels, who also do strange things and even heal.

The spirits of the E.T. Children who appeared before me were children created using technology to be used by human beings, and it could be said that they had no position in life.

It seems that extraterrestrial life forms have developed technology to a point where they are close to the Creator, but they are probably directly connected to the insolent throne-raising that we are watching.

Moreover, they are not Christians, nor are they human beings on Earth. It is determined that their plans will be stopped in the future, although no one knows when.

They do not talk about Jesus Christ or the second coming of Jesus Christ, and therefore some child hybrids do not know about Jesus Christ.

In any case, I was able to tell the E.T. Children that in the afterlife, they have the right supporters in heaven, not the hellish spirits in the spirit world who only tell lies. The life forms of the universe are also paying attention to them as they fight in the spirit world.

Humans are terrified to the point of collapsing when they see real ghosts or creatures from another world, but real angels in heaven are also quiet and scary. Maybe I don't feel scared because sometimes angels adjust my brain and synchronize with them.

In the Bible, the disciples talk to Jesus Christ and the apostles without realizing who they are, but I once thought that the angels were British spirits. (Because they have hairstyles like Archangel Michael.)

In the spirit world, there are spirits who died under various circumstances. I communicate with them with my own purpose and tell them my thoughts, but I respect their will. This is because it is necessary to distinguish between the lies of the hell spirits and who are the victims of crime.

Also, even if you say, 'You don't have to fight anymore,' that may not be the case for the people themselves. Because of this, the second heaven is noisy today.