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I am a baptized Christian.

I am being led by the Christian God to evangelize (specifically where and how).

Because my spiritual eyes and ears are open, I am learning about all kinds of spiritual phenomena, including psychics, mediumship, and exorcism, out of necessity and purpose.

Perhaps some of it is due to my own circumstances (it is a mere human crime plan), so I do not necessarily recommend it to those who have had similar experiences.

God's plan for each individual is different.

Due to my extremely busy schedule, at the moment I am posting about the approaches and various beings that come to me every day from the invisible world, like a diary.

In Christianity, these are evil spirits and demons.

So, as mentioned above, I do not recommend exploring the spiritual world or magical (spiritual) world.

I will create various contents and release them in sequence.

As someone who has experienced a spiritual crisis and who mediates between living beings who have died as victims of crime, I hope to help people all over the world feel and consider the grief and suffering of these people that remains unknown.(This is a homepage for the people and spirits of English-speaking countries. For the spirits who lost their lives in other countries, or whose whereabouts are unknown.)

I pray for them every day and study and think with them.