'Do you know that there are angels out there, not just spy spirits and yetis?'

This voice echoed, so I prayed, following the example of Archangel Michael in the Bible, 'May the Lord punish the devil.'

However, the hell spirits seemed unable to recognize the angel.

The angel was careful of the hell spirits, but…

When I started praying to make it a habit to pray to angels, an angel appeared immediately.

It had been a while since I heard the voice of an angel, and it was a voice that made me realize once again that angels are real.

Angels are different from spirits, and I feel them as a huge, electrical, solid "mass."

Angels always work from inside me.
Spirits also come in and out of the medium, but angels always appear from inside me, making me hear voiceless voices.

When I heard the voice, the spirits who always come to see me looked a little surprised, so I thought they were angels and not human spirits.

The beautiful spirits from Europe look just like him, so it's nice that he doesn't immediately realize they're angels.

When I say to the spirits who can't bear the pain, 'You're all always beautiful,' they smile and are happy for a moment.

Similarly, the extraterrestrial Grey spirits are so pure that I smile and am happy.

I've never known such a pure soul, but I can't describe them other than as "innocent."

Even today, the hell spirits in human form continue to chase the beautiful spies of the spirit world even after death, saying, 'Let's go to hell together.'

In the spirit world, it's impossible to ignore God and angels, but the hell spirits don't want to take God and angels into their field of vision.

That's why we should laugh at the angel's question at the beginning. (I couldn't help but laugh.)

Because the angels are directly warning the hellish spirits who ignore God and angels, 'Don't dare ignore me (and only pursue the souls of the spies).'

However, you may not believe it, but what they in the spirit world wanted in life was not marriage to a spy or the status of a wife, but the British royal family and its wealth.

I happened to be a medium and was exposed to the vortex of the spirit world for many years, so I observed the reality.

Frankly speaking, "temptation" has no meaning because genitals are the object of worship.

It is clear that the devil and his cohorts do not find you, the spy, attractive, because they enjoy the torture and the scene and process.

Theravada Buddhist monks meditate with the skeleton of the opposite sex who seduces them to cut off worldly desires.

The reason why even demons who possess humans appeal for human genitalism is because they do not even see value in sex or genitals.

In other words, the reason they use their genitals to seduce people is because they are 'not worthy of having genitals.'

And so devil worshippers will be destroyed.



An angel, a messenger of God, came to warn the spirits of hell.