I was also surprised that the half-Japanese former spies from the spirit world were counting on their blood ties to European aristocrats from 2000 years ago.

These are also the "Beppanbu" or spies that the extraterrestrial Greys, who also appear in the spirit world, refer to.

Currently in the Japanese Diet, there is a group that spreads political propaganda that says, 'Until now, the noble families across the country have been doing as they pleased in Japan,' and this is probably what this group is claiming. They are probably describing the noble families as opposed to the noble families.

The half-Japanese former spies from the spirit world are hell spirits, and if they are human spirits, then there's no doubt they're crazy.

I thought that appearing in what seems to be "cosplay" like Western aristocrats was a unique and free means of expression in the spirit world, but that wasn't the case.

At first, I couldn't understand why a half-Japanese spirit dressed like a Western aristocrat appeared before me.

I felt very uncomfortable. There was something unnatural about them, and it was intuitive to know that they were perverts and weirdos.

After that, I received accusations from the MI6 in the spirit world about the systematic and traditional (?) customs of "pervert sex," and I felt like I was being forced to read a modern version of what is repeatedly described in the Bible, and I was sick of it.

For the real victims, the non-perverted MI6, it doesn't matter if the other person is a minor or an old woman.

I always tell them in the spirit world that I want to wait for the paper on British intelligence research. The sexism that the perverts claim is a major problem that is directly linked to the destruction of the nation.

Of course, I have never thought about becoming an aristocrat or a member of the royal family, nor it has ever crossed my mind, but I am amazed that I was considered to be part of that group by the Japanese intelligence agents in the spirit world.

In Japan, there are people who claim that their bloodline is that of the ancient emperor, and they are also fighting over whether they are related to foreign aristocrats and royal families. It's a dream story that occultists who like the extraordinary would love.

This may be why people of color who have white-like features tend to be attacked recently, but both the attacker and the attacked may share some kind of political view of history.

There are also some ridiculous books of this kind (I'll leave it to your imagination) published in Japan, and I even reserved it at the library out of curiosity and borrowed it (I won't buy it!), but it was so bad that I couldn't read it properly.

The half-human, half-alien Black Eyed Kids are also feared, but you may need to read on to understand that there's good reason for it.

However, since humans tend to think what they want to think, they project anti-social forces and demons onto them and quickly begin abusing them in their minds.

I don't usually read anime or manga, and it seems like a fictional story, so I question their intelligence.

They fight in the spirit world over whether they are pro-American or pro-Chinese, but in other words, they are a group of traitors and friends.

The two cooperate to torture and kill spies from Western countries who do not get their way.

I see! Some of the extraterrestrial greys in the spirit world appear in historical costumes from humanity, as if to counter the "cosplayers" of the spirit world who were once human.

Spirits usually appear in the clothes they were wearing when they died, but for the perverts on Earth who are not even spirits from before 1900, they involve aliens and take on the aspect of a historical costume parade.

However, the expressiveness of the souls of extraterrestrials is so superhuman that, rather than feeling uncomfortable, it is as if they are waking up in another dimension. (Then you may think of the usual deviant idea that "Muslim souls are pure too," but I'm sick of it!)

I have heard from aliens that the extraterrestrial greys who appear before me have been genetically manipulated by the above people (for torture).

Also, some earthlings have been abducted by the extraterrestrial greys and subjected to human experiments, but there is always a reason for everything as mentioned above.

I don't think that the extraterrestrial greys need to manipulate the genes of humanity for the grey race.

Hearing such claims over and over again, it seems like something straight out of a comic book, made by people who insist on "being like humans" or "being like white people".

For example, it is a very twisted propaganda made by people who only recognize white people as human beings, but people of color who want to be noticed by white people but don't want to accept that they are not noticed choose to engage in perverted acts such as orgies with them.

According to anti-Japanese Korean propaganda, if you keep hitting a Japanese person, they will eventually kneel down and beg, but Asians, because they refuse to accept that they are not noticed by white people, support and even lead rape of people of color by blacks and Asians and organ trafficking.

If people think that Asians are disgusting because they lick white people's assholes, Asians will appeal to the tightness of their assholes and vaginas.

And yet, there is also a trend among them to criticize white supremacy. Even just observing the spiritual world, it is clear that Asians will do anything for white people, and that Asians will also torture if they see a white person.

I don't understand how they agree with white supremacy or criticize it.

They don't think about things, whether it's politics, anime, or manga, so they are subversive because they are a mess.

It has been said for a long time that Asians do not understand fifty-fifty, but they think that they will not be criticized if they just quarrel with each other and sell out each other's countries.

In the future, when AI will take over all the work of humanity, such "incompetents" will be truly useless when no one can work, they will not go hungry, and they will have no reason to quarrel.

In the history of the world, they are civil servants who appeal to their "administrative ability", who carry out torture and murder activities underground, and in modern times, they are the ones who have hindered the evolution of IT and AI.

In the future, whether inside or outside the Christian church, I would like to pray that God's plan, which has been ignored for the sake of the lost souls who have nothing to do with the beginning or end of time, will be carried out.