About 20 years ago, I became a medium. I wasn't yet a Christian at that time. After I was baptized and became a Christian, my spiritual eyes were opened. Since then, I have continued to research "possession" based on my experience as a spiritual medium. Some people have lost their lives due to possession, but their deaths are still misunderstood as accidents or incidents. Deaths caused by human causes such as accidents, incidents, suicides, and murders are different from deaths caused by curses and possession. Also, it cannot be helped that those who believe in the devil, who is the opposite of God Jesus Christ, die inexplicably, so I will not discuss it here.

This website is operated through information exchange and cooperation with Christian spirits and extraterrestrial beings who have the same mission as me. Information exchange and collaboration includes me talking to the extraterrestrial Gray about Jesus Christ and the Bible. This website will also cover conspiracies, rumors, and prejudices against Jesus Christ, the Bible, and the extraterrestrial Grays. The extraterrestrial Grays come from a higher dimension, and the demons also come from a higher dimension. It might also be possible for Gray to track down the demon.

The earnest thoughts of Christians, who are creatures, continue to remain in the spirit world. It is not my job to listen to the ``thoughts'' of earthbound spirits, hellish spirits, and Satan, who possessed and killed Christians while they were alive.

I always pray to the Lord Jesus Christ to know everything.