About why you need to leave the spiritual world to exorcise your demons.

The reason I pray for exorcism is because I have been subjected to black magic and cursed by spiritualists and cult-like people (the church is no exception). Those who know Spiritualists know that they are "illegals" who steal the personal information of their clients and use it illegally. Personal information leaks are now occurring repeatedly on a national level.

Therefore, there has been no shortage of people who have publicly declared that they should not get involved in the spiritual world. No matter how much someone tells you not to trust these people who claim to be the shining light of the world, salvation, and angels, people will never understand until they experience it for themselves. The Illuminati is a "parasitic person" and a stalker, and in other words, a sex fanatic.

Magic is a technology, but I know from experience what kind of state it will be in when someone is cursed when used in conjunction with it. I have also seen Satanists go insane right in front of my eyes while muttering the name of the devil over and over again.

You may know that even evil spirits have names.
After I opened my spiritual eyes, I saw that earthbound spirits and low-level spirits also had names. For the name, an image of a Hebrew or Latin-like letter can be seen on the body. They are not "wandering spirits" in the spirit world, but demons with independent names.

Also, every being seen with spiritual eyes appears to have a name. I'm guessing, but it just means that everything belongs to God and judgment awaits everyone.

Have you received the seal of Jesus yet?

The Satanist who repeatedly muttered the name of the devil belongs to a group that exploits UFO technology. There are many theories about the effects that occur when Satanists misuse UFO technology.

For example, spiritual Satanists who exploit UFO technology may also try to influence UFOs through witchcraft. They are known as a group that accumulates cult-like "spiritual training", challenges God with supernatural powers, and wants to fight against opposing forces on earth. Many antichrists.

In other cases, other humans become like robots forced to do manual labor due to incompetent leaders who exploit UFO technology. As a result, a oneness sex fanatic group appears, where the consciousness becomes one 'for leader'.

For example, perverts who desperately wanted to have sex with the "White Brotherhood," intelligence agents from Europe and America, have committed illegal acts under the guise of sabotage under the protection of the state. Despite being the original agents of the nation's protection, they are not very good-looking, but they are crazy about murder and sex to emphasize their worth. In other words, she's a prostitute. As a result, many cases of torture to death can be confirmed in the spirit world. Some regular intelligence agents commit suicide to avoid torture.

This kind of world called Oneness or One World is artificially created by totalitarians and Satanists who fear that their souls will be destroyed by God. Since God will destroy your soul, if you go crazy with murder and sex, "everyone is equal." A typical Satanist. Even now in the year 2024, hell spirits are arguing in the spirit world that if we have free sex with white people and kill those who get in our way, then you and I can become Queen Elizabeth.

The reason they want to talk so much about oneness and one world is because they exist outside the Bible and are not "one."
These are the reasons why you have to leave the spiritual world to exorcise your demons.