When I was a child, ghosts made me sleepwalk, talk and walk in my sleep.

I think everyone has a strange experience when they think back on their past.

Among them, the actions of good spirits with clear intentions seem like "signs" even when we look back on them from this point in time.

When you come into contact with spirits, you can feel the atmosphere of the times they lived.

When a medium comes into contact with objects or places that they have come into contact with in the past, such as the landscapes of a particular era or the buildings that make up the scenery, they may sense residual thoughts from before they were alive.

Additionally, some spirits operate beyond national borders after passing away.

There are good spirits who work on people to avoid crises or warn people of danger, and there are evil spirits who cling to life like earthbound spirits and never attain Buddhahood.

Even though they look like humans, they can be hellish spirits.

A medium is said to develop an intimate, personal relationship with spirits.

I have had the opportunity to interact with Christian spirits whose academic achievement standard is over 80.

The spirits that remain (retained) in the spirit world have the purpose of conveying the past, and they only exist in the spirit world for a permitted period of time.

Therefore, they still have the emotions and feelings they had at the time.

It has become difficult to distinguish them from the many earthbound spirits, floating spirits, and hellish spirits that take various forms, that is, demons.

However, just because it is difficult to distinguish one from the devil does not mean that one cannot distinguish one from another.

Despite this, I know very few mediums who continue to point out that they can distinguish between the two.

Why is the Lord Jesus Christ even in hell?

Why are all spirits in the spirit world considered to be demons by people who cannot tell the difference?

Spirits who are complicit with lawless people and continue to cover up their murder plans and their participation from life to death, trying to escape from the "law" and other spirits, are determined by their words and confessions. clearly distinguishable

It is Noh.

Why are all spirits in the spirit world considered to be demons, even though they can be identified?

In the spirit world, the two may be interchanged, and this may even spread to the real world.

Although no one can escape the final judgment, the actions of the lawless are completely meaningless no matter how far they go.

Why does the exorcist leave it alone?

The devil is a liar.

When you realize the revelation, the magic square turns into a picture cake.

Many antichrists who train in search of "mysteries" are "brush doctors" who cannot be cured.

Generally speaking, a ghost's lifespan in the spirit world is said to be around 500 years, but once that period has passed, they are forced to move on to the next location. Some disappear or are erased along the way.

If it's a demon in human form, it will go to hell.

I didn't know this until I became a medium, but I thought that ghosts randomly search for people who will listen to them and possess them.

I didn't know this until I became a medium, but sometimes the living who listen to the complaints of deceased spirits are not completely unrelated to those spirits.

Generally, psychics and mediums are sometimes described as working for spirits who rely on them (their abilities). It is sometimes spoken of as a mission or a mandate.

Some people define it as a profession that is the last resort for the poor and financially strapped.

In some cases, national institutions train psychics.

However, from my personal experience of having been bothered by and ignored the voices of spirits for the past 20 years, it is difficult to say that these are ``abilities'' that humans have.

This is because spirits are simply causing strange phenomena, appearing on the one hand, and making voices heard on the other hand.

Spirits in the spiritual world work on living humans based on their free will.

Therefore, I have never thought of my mediumship as an "ability."

In fact, until a few years ago, I really thought that living psychics were harassing me, so I just didn't like them.

I have been in a medium state for many years, and the reason I feel that it is a nuisance is because there is someone different from me who is interfering with my free will.

Even more so, the fact that it's my own "ability" is a big nuisance.

Should a medium give up their free will and listen to a stranger?

Most people who fall into the state of mediumship and suffer are like this.

In this world, many things are replaced by words.

If you don't notice it and point it out, you're just playing with words and giving up your free will to follow the evil spirit's will.

Also, it is not guaranteed that you will be able to develop psychic abilities or psychic abilities just because you put effort into it.

Far from developing abilities, there are times when prayers to God don't seem to be heard, and there are incompetent magicians whose demons don't work.

Regarding the state of being a medium, it is definitely due to the spirit of the other person, not the developed ability of the medium.

Also, it is sometimes explained that spiritual phenomena and strange phenomena caused by spirits can be controlled by the medium himself.

However, this is just an explanation of the effects of spirits on the medium's brain.

In other words, the meaning of the phrase 'can be controlled' by the medium himself is that the medium himself must take the initiative against the spirits that act on his own brain.

However, this is of course nothing more than a temporary measure as it also develops psychic abilities.

Starting to develop your psychic abilities in this way also means entering into an endless loop.

Some psychics say they don't perform exorcisms because it becomes a never-ending game of cat and mouse.

However, there are some hellish spirits who are happy because they do not perform exorcisms.

Therefore, there are always people who remain in a state of prolonged possession and send out spiritual emergencies.

Since there are few people who perform exorcisms, Christians are constantly being possessed by demons.

There must be some who think that the decline in the number of exorcists is a preparation for the Millennium, and is putting the cart before the horse.

The reality is that there are few performers of God's miracles, whether it be exorcism, prayer, or healing.

Some people criticize such possessed people as relying on a fantasy world.

However, this does not necessarily mean that critics understand the invisible world.

No matter what it is, if you don't understand it, it will sound like the other person is saying something stupid.

The reason why it is difficult to tell the difference between someone who is talking about fantasies or someone who is just a liar is because the person who cannot tell the difference does not have the powers of observation or experience, or has no experience of the invisible world.

Even if we label experiences in the spiritual world as "psychosis," if we do not understand what is actually happening and the mechanism, we will have no choice but to change the department or place of consultation.

Things must always be differentiated.

It is said that the universe continues to expand, and the only God who is still alive and working is Jesus Christ, the God who created all things.

Revelation gives a "sign" that transcends time and is distinct from anything else.

I read the Bible at home before I was baptized, and I have experienced many times that the work of the Holy Spirit transcends time.

It is generally said that the Holy Spirit does not work in the church before baptism, but this is not mentioned here.

It is said that heaven is more difficult to enter than a camel passing through the eye of a needle, but in my personal experience, it refers to a place that is distinct from others and is free of all impurities.

Idolaters who care about who gets into heaven are already plotting their own illegal entry into heaven.

Normally, when we read the Bible, we read it because we are interested in what the Bible says, not "ourselves."

However, idolaters and demons are always in fear, wondering who will enter heaven and who will go to hell.

I know I'm going to hell.

Therefore, in the spirit world, they lie and pretend that they are gods, saying, I haven't lost'I haven't been killed in retaliation,'and 'I'm not involved in the murder plan.'

Whether they are living or dead, there is a way to spot them.

The point is that he has always been concerned about the "subject" or "target" from the time he was alive, rather than about Jesus Christ.

You may not know it, but spirits can also kick and punch spirits.

I'm not talking about a special story about a nefarious spirit. The behavior of evil spirits is no different from that of living humans.

The devil, who has no time for himself, will forever wonder who will be weeded out in the Millennium.

They also work together in the spirit world to kill the souls of those whose bodies were brought to death during their lifetime.

There are many things that you and I don't know.

I have observed the spirit of a Christian crime victim who did no harm or resisted anyone, both in life and in the spirit world.

Such beings are rare, but the distinction between good spirits and evil spirits is clear.

On the other hand, evil spirits take the initiative in using violence against such souls because they can say, 'If I kill the other person, it will be you, not me, who will be weeded out in the Millennium.'
(As those who know, the modern church is also involved.)

They are hellish spirits who have lived this way since their birth.

The work of exorcists against enemies in the spiritual world is too small.

The father of the devil, who does not want to connect with Jesus Christ and declares that he will never go to heaven, has been a murderer from the beginning, as mentioned above.

The participants in the murder plot also seek a "heaven-like place," but it's not an interior or an exterior, and I'm sure they can't find the carpenter, Jesus Christ, anywhere anymore.

Even in the spirit world, spirits deny the human birth of Jesus Christ and do not want to talk about Jesus Christ, so it is necessary to clearly distinguish them.

Exorcists are able to exorcise demons because they understand the enemy demons and the mechanics of exorcism.

Exorcism can be successful even if you don't necessarily understand the mechanism.

However, without faith, God will not work with you.

God is someone you can actually communicate with personally, not some vague air floating around somewhere.

This is also due to the opponent.

Like spirits, it refers to the invisible world. Although it is an invisible world, believers may be saved by God through their prayers of faith, even if they cannot understand it.

Of course, salvation from God can only be achieved if God tries to do it.

No matter how much believers pray, nothing will be accomplished unless God is willing to do so. Of course. This "salvation" is not called the "ability" of believers or exorcists.

Those who are always with God's work of salvation feel the presence of God and the work of the Holy Spirit. It is neither my servant nor my familiar.

Similarly, spirits in the spiritual world work on humans living under free will.

Therefore, even when spiritual phenomena occur around us, Christians who are victors can only declare victory and overcome the devil through prayer.