The spirits of a mother and child who died in England hundreds of years ago.

Hundreds of years ago in England, the spirits of a mother and child who lost their father in a ship accident appeared to protest against Asian evil spirits targeting the British royal family. It's always in the direction of the port. Their family lineage was venerable, but life became difficult after their father passed away. Relatives were watching the mother and child. "We have never wanted money. So why do Asian intelligence agents, father and son, come to destroy (orgy) the homes of British intellig*nce agents?" She said in anger.

The spirit world is full of evil spirits that seek out foreign land and property even after death. Descendants and descendants of human spirits who aim for foreign land and property worship their ancestors and continue to invade other countries from generation to generation. This is why ancestor worship is said to be evil spirit worship. Those who say, 'There are no descendants who think their ancestors are evil spirits,' or 'This is Satan's ploy to disguise evil spirits as humans,' should discuss this with spiritual mediums around the world. However, I will not discuss it here.

About the spirit of a girl who died in a British plane crash.

About the spirit of a girl who died in a British plane crash.
According to the girl, it was not an accident but a terrorist attack. The girl's parents, who died later, are also standing behind her. Apparently her parents were secret agents. I tried searching all over the years when plane crashes occurred, but I couldn't find anything. At that time, airplanes were just beginning to fly, so you might not be able to find it unless you research the history of aviation in the area. I won't list it here because the girl doesn't want it. I used a map to confirm the departure point of the flight where the accident occurred, the airport it was scheduled to arrive at, and the location of the girl's grave. I asked the girl what her favorite food was and offered it to her.

The girl taught herself a foreign language in the spirit world. She has been participating in the fight against terrorist forces in the spirit world for decades. Her enemies start to mess with her, so the British in the spirit world give her things. The girl has been in the spirit world for a long time, and she knew the intelligence officer who died when they were posted abroad from England, and she sometimes interacts with them.

Many spirits of those who died in terrorist attacks or accidents appear from the United States.

If the victims of past terrorist attacks were police or intelligence officers, they may still continue to pursue the terrorists in the spirit world. This is because recent terrorist incidents that occurred in the past are naturally connected to the present day, so they are subject to surveillance even after death. The reason why terrorists are monitored even after they die is to prevent them from encouraging living Satanists to commit terrorist activities. The reason why the monitors monitor living devil believers from the afterlife is not because they feel "worth living" or "attached" to them as spirits. It is not a question of whether or not they will ascend to heaven.

People who don't know the reality of the devil are emotional about a world they can't see or hear. However, Satanists act by actually hearing the voices of evil spirits. Whether the culprit is a human spirit or an evil spirit, it is a source of realistic information. It is possible for mediums to observe who is acting according to the voices of real sources. Living people who act according to the voices of evil spirits have no regard for their beliefs, ideology, work ethic, ethics, or what they usually say out loud.

Dead animals also come.

They sometimes show us scenes of memories they had with their owners.
One night, I heard the dog's heavy breathing coming from within my body, telling me that it was still active with its owner even after it passed away.

Extraterrestrial lifeforms are said to have emotions, just like animals such as dogs and cats. Because they have emotions, they feel sad when a friend dies, and they sometimes act together as a couple or family after a friend dies. He says that the Grays as a race are not clones, and that their descendants are thriving. Gray, who has many children, hopes to compete in motor races and speed competitions on Earth. When listening to Grey's story about the speed accident (UFO crash??), it may be helpful to know about possession and magical effects. Gray is unrelated to Earth's magicians, who are souls of destruction, but some humans call Gray a devil. However, when Gray showed up to me, he was furious and said that this was unfounded. It seems that Gray has been subjected to unilateral pressure from humanity by taking advantage of his reticence. I think the reason for this should be inferred.

It is said that humanity's space race is sometimes hindered or obstructed by aliens, but no matter how far you travel in a spaceship to the ends of the universe, you will never reach the "father" that Jesus Christ spoke of.Jesus Christ was born as a human, but humanity does not seem to understand this.

Why does the intelligent lifeform Gray stop humanity?
’The idea that aliens are interfering with humanity’ sounds like a line in a movie where a selfish woman tells a selfish man to stop.

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