I was able to see the monks of old Europe, so I was given tools to fight demons. It looks like an antique old tool, and is placed like an ornament and used when praying. I haven't researched it so I haven't specified anything specific, but I'd like to look into it someday.To me, it still looks like a prop from a movie, but the older we get, the more there is a fine line between Christianity and magic.

They sometimes read my mind and guided me. Monks in the old days of Europe had hand-sized books for prayer, and those books were so old that they were a little scary.They are not magicians, they are Christians and exorcists. As I listen to their prayers, I feel more and more that Christianity and magic are two sides of the same coin.Without knowledge based on traditional teachings, it seemed like it could be used as a prayer or a curse. I'm sure he can't tell whether it's malicious or good intentions.