Like angels, extraterrestrials are creatures of God.

Extraterrestrial life forms sometimes appear before me as a spirit medium, but they are creatures that are difficult to describe.

I often see ariens imitate humans in order to explain things to me, a human medium, or to fight demons in the spirit world.

It is said that extraterrestrials have been observing humankind for a long time, and it seems that they know a certain type of human race very well.

Unlike the devil, they do not hate Jesus Christ, and the way they show themself in the spirit world is basically kindness.

I've never seen a fairy, but when I asked Gray, he answered, "There are."

In addition to the Gray type, aliens with shapes I have never seen before also appear, but they are all docile.

Living Grays, deceased Grays, Lyran aliens, Sirian aliens, insect-like aliens, and aliens with hard-to-describe shapes are not so-called "demons."